Holiday gift sets are HERE!

Come by now through the holidays and buy your favorite drinks with free stuff inside! Shot glasses, shakers, juice and soda mixers, flasks, and more!


Wine Tasting this Weekend!

This Friday and Saturday from 2-9pm, we will be sampling:


Apothic Crush Red Blend - The first taste entices, stimulating the senses. The next taste ignites, arousing the passion. You'll enjoy notes of red fruit, caramel, and chocolate, and leaves a deliciously smooth mouthfeel.

Rosatello "Rosso" Sweet Red Wine - This lush and sweet red wine first invites you in with aromas of honeyed fruit and a hint of rose petals. Then delicious flavors of raspberries, blueberries and red currants sweep you away. We recommend you chill this refreshing, red wine before enjoying.


Bird Dog Apple Whiskey - Bird Dog Apple flourishes with lush, succulent apple flavors and finishes with a sweet, warm cinnamon zest. Also enjoyable with a cinnamon schnapps or whiskey.



Be sure to stop by the wine room and give these items a try!


The 7th Annual Delta Visual Arts Show is this Saturday, February 28th in downtown Newport, Arkansas from 10am to 6pm. Over 185 artists are displaying and selling their incredible work. They also offer free workshops for children and adults, free demonstrations, food vendors, door prizes that can be spent toward free art and much, much more. Go check out the show! It maybe a little chilly, but you'll be able to get out of the house and see some incredible work!

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Pick Six!

Have you ever wanted to try an import or craft beer, but didn't want to pay the dreaded $10-$15 for a six-pack that you may not even like? We have the solution! Come by George's and make your own six-pack of imported or craft beer! Make it three and three, two and four. or six different beers! The choice is yours! There are LOTS of different beers to choose from. Now you can make up a six-pack of whatever imports or craft beers you want!

505 Malcolm Avenue - Newport, AR 72112 - (870) 523-2148